About Us

Mariah International Hovercraft has a dedicated team with great experience in the field of building light weight, complex, state of the art, composite structures.

Our highly skilled and talented staff have a combined 50 years experience in making lightweight composite products for wide range of industrial uses with considerable time invested in R & D to make us a leading expert in composite materials. All of our craft are constructed with AMSA-approved buoyancy foam integrated into the carbon-fibre/fibre-glass hull.

We believe in involving you every step of the way, keeping you informed with regular progress reports until delivery.

Our service does not end there: We also provide driver and maintenance training as well as after-sales and through life support. 

Our Team


3D CAD modelling techniques, electrical and hydraulic design experience, and mechanical engineering talents are among our in-house expertise. Our design team also includes Finite Element Analysis capabilities, allowing us to thoroughly evaluate new concepts, which is a critical consideration.

We believe in involving our customers in every step of the way, keeping them informed with regular progress reports until delivery. The performance of the hovercraft and our services has pleased clients from all over the world. Check out some of our amazing clientele by clicking here.

Our Locations

Our factory is near Frankston, Victoria. This is a small coastal town located on Port Phillip Bay which has access to large open waters. Large container ships traverse the bay to and from the cargo terminals at Port Melbourne. Take a look at how and where do we test our crafts.