At MIHA, we have developed the Tornado Patrol Hovercraft as a fully amphibious craft that is capable of carrying a payload of 1500 Kgs or a passenger compliment of 9 or combination of both, plus pilot.

The function of this craft is to provide a fast intercept vehicle in the intertidal zone as well as the shallow waters surrounding these areas. It can also quite happily operate in deep waters or fast flowing rivers or estuaries.

The philosophy behind this design was to provide a vessel that has redundancy when in operation, so that the mission would not be compromised. The drive systems that have been incorporated in this design have been tried and proven on previous models that we have commissioned. The hydraulic systems are robust and underutilized which adds a further level of comfort to the design. The engines that MIHA has selected are also from a proven family and the clutch system that connects the drive to the main thrust fans is also well below their maximum design parameters.

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